Oct 082017

After 31 Years, Ruth Parker Still Hopes to See Sons CJ and Billy Vosseler Again – ( Please view the new article by our friends at NBC News Cold Case Spotlight. Please share the Facebook post and let CJ and Billy know we will never stop looking.

The story is also available on the NBC Dateline website.

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Feb 072016

Newsweek Magazine recently published an article that included information regarding our missing boys, CJ and Billy Vosseler.  Please take the time to read this article on the Newsweek website: The Leftovers: Life as the Parents of Missing Children. As always, if you can share this information it is greatly appreciated.
(the actual link:

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Oct 012015

Here are some characteristics that may help determine if you know Charles Vosseler:

– has Nystagmus (horizontal): fast, uncontrollable movements of the eyes side-to-side
– tilts head to the side
– has typically used several alternate ways of making a living (i.e., house flipping, real estate, resale of antiques)
– reads the Wall Street Journal regularly
– his college major was in Economics and has intense interest in economics
– likes to dabble in the stock market, particularly with penny stocks
– watches the Nightly Business Report regularly
– has an interest in health food, because he is a bit of a hypochondriac
– is a big fan of Ayn Rand, her book “Atlas Shrugged” as well as the theory of ‘Objectivism’
– loves horses

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Aug 082015

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us with information regarding the whereabouts of Charles Vosseler, and/or CJ and Billy. We appreciate your hard work and helpful research, and mostly your concern. We are currently working on the leads that you have provided. Please continue to keep your eyes and ears open.  And again, thank you so very much.

CJ and Billy’s Mom.

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