Aug 032015

Thank you all so much! … for all your kind, supportive comments and for all the helpful information you are sending in regard to locating my boys.

I want to send special thanks to Jodi and her volunteers of The Mother Daughter Fund for making the episode on Deadline Crime possible.

C.J. & Billy’s Mom

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Aug 032015

Thank you for watching Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall: Never Stop Looking episode.

In our ongoing effort to locate Charles Vosseler, and thereby Ruth’s boys CJ and Billy, we want to pass along some of his characteristics. Since he has changed his identity, you may actually know him – but not know that he abducted his children 28 years ago:

Here are some characteristics that may help you determine if you know Charles Vosseler:

– reads the Wall Street Journal regularly
– his college major was in Economics and has intense interest in economics
– likes to dabble in the stock market, particularly with penny stocks
– watches the Nightly Business Report regularly
– has an interest in health food, because he is a bit of a hypochondriac
– is a big fan of Ayn Rand, her book “Atlas Shrugged” as well as the theory of ‘Objectivism’
– has typically used several alternate ways of making a living
(i.e., house flipping, real estate, resale of antiques such as Fiestaware and onyx)
– has Nystagmus (horizontal): fast, uncontrollable movements of the eyes side-to-side
– tilts head to the side
– loves horses

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