May 302012

As reported in the Huffington Post, Dominic and Abby Maryk, 7 and 6 years old, were found in Guadalajara, Mexico after allegedly having been abducted by their father in 2008. Someone watching their story on Mexican TV recognized them.

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May 132012

How long can you go without knowing where your children are? For most moms with young children it’s measured in moments, fractions of seconds.
25 Mother’s Days have come and gone since CJ and Billy Vosseler were abducted from their mother, Ruth. 25 YEARS! Most people can’t imagine it, can’t think about it, so they don’t. I urge you to (as a gift from one mother to another, as a tribute to your children, your mother, or a simple acknowledgement of the bond between mother and child) please take a few moments this Mother’s Day to help spread the word about this case.
Then spend the rest of this day hugging your babes and/or your mom – enjoy ever moment – and know that we’re grateful for whatever time you can spend getting the word out.

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